Notes on research interests:

Phonology, in particular quantity systems and phonology-morphology interaction

Morphology, in particular non-concatenative morphology

Syntax, in particular case, nonfinite constructions, and purely formal patterning that is not (semantically or pragmatically) meaningful

Grammatical structure of German dialects, in particular Upper German

German historical linguistics

Language and dialect contact in German-speaking linguistic islands, in particular in North America (Indiana), cf.

European nonstandard varieties from a typological perspective ("Non-Standard Average European")

Theoretical modelling of microvariation and spread of linguistic features from speaker to speaker

Theories of language change, in particular under the perspective of variation and selection

Evolution of language, in particular the role and origin of duality of patterning (double articulation)

Lexical-Functional Grammar, and the use of LFG as a pedagogical tool in syntax classes (including implementation exercises)

Optimality Theory, in particular Stochastic Optimality Theory, and OT under the perspective of Bidirectional Grammar (harmonization of speakers' and hearers' needs)

Methods of data collection, field research, interview techniques