«This is an exciting time to be doing linguistics; we are learning more about language every day, but there are great things yet to be discovered and understood [...]. The more we know about a wide variety of languages, the better equipped we can be to understand what qualities are fundamental to all human language and the ways in which languages can vary.»
(Marianne Mithun, University of California Santa Barbara)

Language has structure. A speaker is able to construct never heared, complex linguistic units on the basis of already heared, simpler units. This is possible because we all know abstract structural regularities that we have learned as young children and unconsciously. Linguistics tries to advance our understanding of what exactly those structural regularities are, how and why they may differ from language to language, from dialect to dialect, and from speaker to speaker, and how and why they may change over time.

Our team at the chair for German Linguistics studies the variability and patterns of change in the grammatical structure of German with strong reference to crosslinguistic comparison and general linguistic theory:

Chair: Prof. Dr. Guido Seiler
Academic staff: Dankmar Enke, M.A.

Ann-Marie Moser, M.A.
(Doctoral student at the Graduate School Language and Literature Munich)

Dr. Simon Pröll

Dr. Thilo Weber
Secretary: Julia Röthinger (buero PUNKT seiler DASZEICHEN germanistik PUNKT uni-muenchen PUNKT de)
Other persons with a close affiliation to the chair: Prof. Dr. Oliver Schallert
(Junior/Assistant Professor for German Linguistics)